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Online Application Service for Part–Time Teaching Positions
Welcome to the Singapore Polytechnic On-line Application Service for Adjunct Lecturing (Part-Time Teaching) Positions. Please allow at least 15-20 minutes to complete the iApplication form. You may need the following documents to help you make this application:
  1. National Identity Document (e.g. NRIC, Passport, Employment Pass)
  2. Qualification Document (e.g. date of award)
  3. Employment Information (e.g. address of employer)
All data provided by applicants will be kept strictly confidential and for the purpose of selection to fill any vacant adjunct lecturing position in the Singapore Polytechnic. This does not mean that there are currently vacancies for such positions in the polytechnic.

In addition, the data collected will be shared within the organisation and where required with Government Agencies and Ministries. Applicants are therefore providing the information required voluntarily and are entrusting that the Singapore Polytechnic to use such data for its intended purpose.

Please read our Privacy Statement as stated on our web page before providing us with your personal data.

It must be noted that having this on-line service does not mean that any officer of the Singapore Polytechnic will necessarily make contact with the applicant regarding his application.

Note: To submit the application form use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Edge 42+, Mozilla Firefox 60+, Chrome 60+ and Safari 5.0. Javascript must also be enabled in your browser.

If you encounter any technical problem at any point during the application, please abort the operation. You can email to It would be helpful if you could elaborate, perhaps via screenshots and error message, the problem faced.

Please note that only On-line applications will be processed. Thank you.

Note: *This online service is for applicants who are residing in Singapore and can therefore take on the appointment as adjunct lecturers in the Singapore Polytechnic.

Last updated/reviewed on 26/06/2018
 I agree that the personal information I am providing in this application can be used by the Singapore Polytechnic for the purposes of appointment as an Adjunct Lecturer.